Maintenance team

Our maintenance division is composed of one leading engineer and six licensed technicians and a team for maintenance of BoP with accompanying equipment infrastructure. We are committed to ensuring the seamless functioning of wind farms so that they can produce renewable energy. Our focus is on proactively preventing and anticipating any potential issues to ensure smooth operations. Thanks to our unwavering dedication to this mission, we can proudly say that we rarely face any unplanned malfunctions.

However, in unlikely events, our team is always on the spot in no time. While everything is automized and monitored, our people are still on the ground and doing regular daily and weekly checkups.

We take great pride in our project Wind Farm Kovačica. The area of wind farm occupies approximately 3711 hectares of land and there are 38 generators. Our team keeps the area well-maintained and clean, including regular grass mowing from April to October. This also provides a great opportunity for us to collaborate with the local community, as we often hire people for this work and establish mutually beneficial relationships.

Additionally, we have reconstructed 40 km of gravel road, connecting all the generators. This infrastructure also benefits the farmers who live in the area, as it has reduced their transport time, making their lives easier. We assume responsibility for damage that occurs as a result of the intervention in the repair of WP equipment (power cables or wind turbine), ensuring that we repair or compensate any expenses incurred.

It’s all about working in harmony with nature and our neighbors, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Our team’s dedication to maintaining and building wind farms has helped us establish a trusted relationship with the local community, fostering a collaborative and supportive relationship with people of different nationalities. With our well-defined procedures and daily maintenance routines, our wind farms operate like a well-oiled machine, seamlessly blending into the surrounding ecosystem.