We focus on Development as our core business!

With a full suite of in-house development capabilities backed by a strong domestic and international expertise, NES development team bring projects from idea to Ready-to-Build status with a unique approach to siting, land acquisition, environmental and social development, design and permitting.

We have specialists of all fields of expertise for the complete project development and professional project managers with knowledge and experience to successfully mitigate risks associated with site conditions, resource assessment, plant design, energy assessment, technology selection and suitability, infrastructure, balance of plant, permitting support and environment assessment.

Our experts have successfully worked on dozens of developments and advisory projects over the Europe and Central Asia, covering renewable energy, electricity generation, power system planning, transmission and distribution and power markets. We have managed complex engagements, helped develop business in difficult markets, nurtured relations with governments, public authorities and private sector clients and supported the energy sector policy dialog across multiple regions.

Out of 398 MW of operational wind assets in Serbia, we have been engaged in the development of almost 80%, one way or another.

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Our team is continuously growing its technical expertise adapting to new industry trends and offering various professional services during project construction phase.

With experience in both development and engineering, our teams fill gaps in resources by providing the added value and all of the necessary expertise required for the successful completion of the renewable projects.

Among others, we provide:

  • Project Management Consultant (PMC)
  • Owner’s Engineer (OE)
  • Regulatory Supervision

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Asset Management and BOP Maintenance

By forming a specialized sector for providing Asset Management and BoP O&M services, NES became unique player on the Serbian market, capable of performing activities and services throughout full life cycle of a renewable projects.

Internal O&M services cover the full range of industry needs: day-to-day wind farm operational monitoring and control services, wind farm technical management, organization and management of servicing, maintenance and repair work, availability calculation control, operation reporting and generation forecast and reporting to the stakeholders (TSO, Offtaker, etc.) and site inspections.

Out of 398 MW of operational wind assets in Serbia, our professional team of experts performs the Asset Management and BoP Operation & Maintenance on almost 67% of total installed capacity.

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