Monitoring and maintenance of the projects

At NES, we’ve been leading the way in the renewable energy industry in Serbia for the past decade. Our team of experts has vast experience managing and monitoring wind farm projects, both in Serbia and abroad. We understand the complexities and nuances of these projects and how every decision made during development, design, and construction can impact both the function and maintenance of the wind farm, as well as the overall duration of the project.

Thanks to our expertise in the first three years upon establishing we are managing ⅔ of the installed capacities of wind parks in Serbia, and control power plants that have produced over 2,500,000 MWh of green energy. Our goal is to continue to increase production and availability while building trust with our investors through complete technical management of their renewable energy assets.

Our expert team offers a range of services including monitoring of assets, analysis of underperformance and the development of cost-effective solutions, technical management, and advice on major component repairs, life extension, optimization, insurance claims, and more. We also manage and coordinate maintenance and repair work, provide monthly performance reports, perform turbine inspections, and complete the service of planned and unplanned BoP maintenance. We’re committed to keeping our clients informed and communicating regularly with system operators.

We are the only company in the local market that offers end-to-end execution of wind farm projects and we take great pride in that. At NES we take great responsibility for providing clean and renewable energy seriously and we strive to do so with excellence and professionalism.